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yagoona lights

Wednesday, 28/07/2021, 2:07 PM

Please change your link to www.yagoonalights.com

 as Yagoona Lights has moved and will be bigger and better.

Welcome to Yagoona lights 2012


This is my 3rd year of doing computer controlled lights. this year there will be close to 512 controllable channels of LED lights. 15,000 LED in total.
this year i will be adding RGB lights to my display. this will allow me for example to change colours on my mini trees in red,green and blue and every other colour in between.
also i look to be adding some pixel rgb ligths. this means i will be able to control every led in this strip. so you should see some great effects with this in 2012.
Also check out the videos on the link on the left hand side of the page for last years display.
Lights are on from 7pm - 11pm Monday to Thursday and 7 till 12 pm Friday to Sunday
To keep up to date with the light show follow us on Twitter
Tune your radio to 106.7 FM