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yagoona lights

Monday, 10/12/2018, 9:32 PM
I Have just odered a few voice overs from the Demented Elf to give that special touch to the display.
love the work he has done for other peoples displays.
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to check out the archs go to
tell me what you think
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well as of today i have 39 sequences completed and 20 more on there way hope to get another 10 atleast completed in the coming weeks
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i have also purchased 6 Strobe lights to add to the display and have tested them and i must say im very impressed with them. they will be a great special feature for this years light display.
now all that is left yo do is make the 2 arches and buy some more power leads.
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well we are progressing with this years display and have now finished the 2 channel Christmas star (one channel blue and one channel white)
Christmas star
also have finished the tune to 106.7 FM sign
tune to sign
have also purchased more lights from mytbrite lights and now only have the lights for the arches and the windows to purchase.
the lights above are all mytbrite lights also.
all lights to be used in this years display will be mytbrite lights as these are the britest lights i have found. and great quality.
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well i now have enough power cables for 20 channels just need 12 more.
Stereo and Fm transmitter hooked up to stand alone LOR computer.
have about 16 songs synchronised so far and have made a few of my own voice overs to cut costs a little.
if anyone has any suggestions of any songs they would like synchronised in my Display please let me know and i will see what Santa can do for you this Christmas.
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have made the Christmas star to go on the roof now just need to order the lights for it. it will be blue and white lights. Run off 2 channels. just tried it with some green ones i had.
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Fm transmitter recieved today and has been setup.
Yagoona Lights radio station will be 106.7 Fm. covers my entire block. so very impressed.
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Well i have just recieved my motorcycle amp to run my speakers for the outdoor sound system. i am using 2 old speakers that i will place near the front fence so people can hear the music. im looking at a fm transmitter so that people in there cars can also listen in.
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Well it is the 7th of February and so far this year we have purchased.

2 16 channel LOR controllers for a total of 32 channels

made the wire frames up for 8 mini trees.

purchased enough mytbrite lights for 4 green and 4 red mini trees.

40 m of red rope light for the roof

20m of blue rope light for the fence

blue lights and white lights for the hedge.

so a total of 12 channels complete.

just another 20 to go and alot of power leads.
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