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yagoona lights

Monday, 10/12/2018, 8:45 PM
Well here is a short little test of the RGB floods i have made for this years display. i have made 4 and am using them in this video paired together. and will have atleast another 5 done like this also for the display. I am also trialing 2 different housings in this video.
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Well i thought i should update what is happening for the light display this year.
we are adding 8 candy canes (24 channels in each cane) these are nearly built
adding a 180 channel Matrix - my own animated sign board.
also changing the mini trees to RGB. so 3 channels per mini tree.
i have a few other things in mind but will see how time goes
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well the lights are up and running and first night went well.
after a week of testing and a few issues to solve all is going well.
today i had to remove all the net lights and replace them with my t brite lights as the nets were blowing circuits and so was the tune to sign so will have to get that fixed.
but on with the show please come and enjoy the lights and music. monday to thursday 7pm till 11pm and friday till sunday 7 pm till 12pm.
come and say hi or even just drop us a note online.
Merry Christmas everyone.
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well tonight we gave the light show a full run through and we are very happy with the new lights added to the display this year.
the Mega tree is that special touch that was needed and the trippling of lights on the roof is well worth the time and effort getting them up there.
also this year we have added more strobe lights but still think we need more.
there will be more test nights this week if the weather holds out.
So Merry Christmas to all.
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Well it has started!!!
the fisrt lights have gone up this week and the mega tree poll is up also so we are well on our way to a amasing Christmas light display. Also i am busy reprograming songs as this years display is very different to last years.
this year we have a 12 channel blue mega tree and white mega tree. and this year we have added blue and white to the roof line also.
so if your in the area and you see me up a ladder or running extension leads you will know what i am doing.
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well what can i say built another controller for this years display. so this years display will be 48 channels of synchronised lights.
and a fe changes will be made to the display for this year also.
changes to be made:
string lights around front windows to be changes to rope lights
blue string lights on gutter to be moved to roof top and changed to rope lights and also white rope light added.
and the icing on the cake is a 12 channel of blue and 1 of white MEGA tree to be built.
also if i have time a sled and reindeer to be built.
Also all songs have to be redone with all the new channels.
only 333 Days till lights go on so no time to waste.
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well what can i say was not happy with 3200 LEd so i have added another 1200 to the display in net lights looks good.
also have ordered another controller for next year. so all is good
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well this years display is going well. So im now thinking about what we are going to do for next years display. so far im thinking a 13 channel mega tree some more lights on the roof with a few changes to the existing display.
if you have any thoughts please drop me a line on the contact us link.
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well everything is up and running now and looks good.
well almost. im not happy with the the lights in the hedges so i have just ordered some Net lights and they will be here in 2 weeks and that problem should be solved then. already planning next years display now.
thinking of more lighting on the roof and a mega tree.
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