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Wednesday, 21/11/2018, 5:33 AM
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Making the Christmas star
Get 2 sheets of black perspex.
draw your star and then cut it out ( need two stars one for front and one for the back )
then get 2 strings of lights to the colour of your choice ( i selected one white and one blue )
then get a drill bit the size of the light bulb ( mine was about 4mm from memory)
then calculate how many lights you will need. then start drilling wholes all the way around the edge then another row on the inside for the other channel of lights.
then start installing the lights.
when finished you will need to place the other star cut out on the back and then drill some wholes through both stars to place a bolt through so that the star has a fixed backing. these bolts will also give you a great fixing point for hanging as mine will be hanging from my chimney or my antenna pole i have not decided yet. 
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