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yagoona lights

Wednesday, 21/11/2018, 5:45 AM
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this year i have added 12 volt lighting to my display. these power supplies and RGB strip and Modules come from China and then i make them into the dipslay items you will see this year.
all 240v lights are from Mytbritelights.com.au
Added by: ben monro (bennie)

Every light in this display is LED. they use less power and also give a clear and bright light

from the 1st of December till a few days after Christmas. I would like to thank the neighbours for putting up with the lights and the soft music.

there are over 4400 LED lights in the diplay this year 2010.
most of them mytbrite lights and the netting lights i pushased from Ebay and modified so i can control them and not the 8 function controller that comes with them.
this year 2011
there is
5850 in the roof line
1680 in the Mega tree
560 in the mini trees
480 in the arches
936 in the windows
2000 in the nets
468 in the star
16 strobes
so a grand total this year of11990 leds

All the music is played off my computer inside the house and then it is fed into a transmitter that sends it to your FM radio in your car.

Yes i do.
this year i will be running all my controllers in DMX. also i will be going from 48 channels up to 510 channels.
i will be using
3 x 16 channel 240v LOR controllers
2 x 27 channel 12v DMX controllers from Ray wu
1 x tp3244 DMX pixel controller that will be controlling the rest of the 510 channels.
the software i have used to control these lights is a program done by light orama.

through the Light orama program i can draw a picture of the house and put the lights on it and they will dance to the music on the screen to give me a idea of how it is going to look.

the lights will be on from 7pm till 11pm Monday through to Thursday
And Friday through to Sunday from 7pm through till 12pm.
from 10pm the only way you will be able to hear the Music is through your car radio as the speakers will be off as we like our neighbours and do not want to upset them.

We would love for you help with request for Carols.
all we need is a mp3 or wave file of the Christmas carol or any other fun song that you think would be worth doing. Then we can start work on the light show from there.

depending on how long the song is and how involved the music is determins pretty much how long it takes.
but most of the ones this year have take about 4 - 5  hours to program.
i thought the more i do the shorter the time it would take. i was mistaken as you get more invoolved in it and want to try new things and make sure your not doing the same thing with the lights as the last time.

the light display is all 240v so just a few lead need to be used.
so in total i have
900 metres of power cables

if all goes well maybe a few days earlier.